From Taragi to Dreamland I'm leaving tonight.

【Official】Blue Train Taragi

Notice of reopening

Thank you for your continued patronage.
By the way, at Blue Train Taragi, the renovation work has been completed.
It was reopened on Friday, July 2, 3rd year of Reiwa.

Reservations are accepted on our website or by phone.
We are looking forward to your reservation.

<Inquiries by phone>
Blue Train Taragi:0966-42-1120    
Reception hours by phone:From 6 am to 9 pm

Sleeper train that runs with dreams

  • As accommodation

     In March 2009, the sleeper limited express was abolished while being missed by many railroad fans. "Hayabusa"This is a simple accommodation facility that was renewed while retaining its vestiges by purchasing the three cars used in Tokyo-Kumamoto from JR Kyushu.It consists of one "SUHANEFU Type OHANE Type" and two "OHANE Type" with the "Hayabusa" head mark on the front.There are two accommodation spaces.The other car is a multi-purpose space with a table and TV, so it can be used as a dining room and a lounge.

About Taragi Town

  • History and romance village

    Taragi Town is located on the east side of the Kumamoto Basin in Kumamoto Prefecture, and one of Japan's three fastest rivers, the Kuma Kuma River, flows through the center of the town, and various agricultural products grow due to the climate peculiar to the basin.On the lush green hills that surround the area, there is a natural park where you can enjoy paragliding, and it is also a base for local people to interact.In addition, unique initiatives such as the simple accommodation facility "Blue Train Taragi Hayabusa that makes use of the sleeper limited express "Hayabusa" have been well received. will also rise.In addition, there are many breweries of Kuma Shochu, a masterpiece that the Kuma region is proud of, and each brewery still inherits its own tradition.

Reservation / Inquiry

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