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  • There are two types of Blue Train Taragi's guest rooms: an open 4-bed type vehicle (SUHANEFU 14-3) and a private room type vehicle (OHANE 15-2003).

Vehicle for open type 4-bed type(SUHANEFU 14-3)

  • ・2 bed type(Bunk bed x 1):1 room(Capacity 2 people)
    ・4 bed type(Bunk bed x 2):7 rooms(Capacity 28 people)

    It is a space for 4 beds with bunk beds arranged on the left and right.
    It is located in Car 1 and has a total of 7 rooms (28 beds).
    Each bed can be separated by a curtain.
    It's the perfect space for family, close friends, and group students.

Private room type(OHANE 15-2003)

  • Private room type(Bunk bed x 1):18 rooms(Capacity 18 people)

    Space with only one bed.
    It is installed in Car 3 and has a total of 18 rooms.
    The lower type and the upper type are arranged alternately.